hey guys

My name is Ronni, also known as Veronica, but that's a little formal for me :) I started photographing when I lived in Japan, I had a mamiya 645 manual focus and a point and shoot canon. My love for photography grew as I photographed more and more. From 2014-2016 I photographed primarily in digital for clients while I used medium format film to fill my artistic side. Recently I switched over to primarily photographing in medium format film.  I want to slow things down, take my time and enjoy the moments. Shooting film does that. I realized that shooting weddings with a digital camera felt rushed, everyone was in a hurry.

The clients I am reaching out to are the old souls, the ones who appreciate the raw beauty of film photography. My clients aren't just wanting timeless photographs but works of art and beauty. This is what film offers and I am excited to share the experience with all of my new clients. 

- chocolate
- sweet tea
- babies & kids
- animals
- art
- dreams
- interior design and styling
- beautiful things and places
- florals